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Read below media coverage of leading cases I have dealt with and my media commentary on fertility, surrogacy, donor conception and modern family law.

Media and commentary

NHS launches last-ditch fight to stop woman it left infertile having four surrogate babies in US at taxpayers’ expense – (The Mail Online, 27 January 2019) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

Woman sues NHS to pay for four surrogate babies after blunder left her infertile – (The Mirror, 27 January 2019) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

I want NHS to pay for four surrogate babies – (The Times, 27 January 2019) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

Woman left infertile after NHS failed to detect cancer for four years awarded £580k to cover surrogacy costs – (The Telegraph, 19 December 2018) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

Couple who spent £20,000 on IVF treatment before shelling out another £7,000 on ‘add-ons to boost their chances of a baby’ become first in the UK to sue over the ‘worthless and unproven’ extras – (The Mail Online, 10 November 2018)

Was it legal to create a grandson with a dead man’s sperm? (The Times, 13 September 2018)

Rachael Bland’s fight to preserve her fertility is a battle fought by many modern women (Female First, 7 September 2018)

The significance of fertility: A landmark ruling on posthumous conception (BioNews, 3 September 2018)

Anything but child’s play: surrogacy and thorny issues of identity, parenthood and status in modern families (Family Law, 29 August 2018)

Posthumous conception: a legacy in life, incapacity and death (Family Law Week, 20 August 2018)

Doctors are given go ahead to extract sperm from unconscious man in legal first (The BMJ, 17 August 2018) 

Sperm taken from fatally injured man – (The Times, 14 July 2018) (Louisa Ghevaert was part of the wife’s legal team)

Sperm is extracted from brain-damaged dying man so wife can try to conceive after judge rules ‘he would have wanted it to happen’ – (The Mail Online, 13 July 2018) (Louisa Ghevaert was part of the wife’s legal team)

Dying man with brain injury has sperm extracted in bid to allow wife to become pregnant – (The Independent, 13 July 2018) (Louisa Ghevaert was part of the wife’s legal team)

The Lawyer Hot 100 Career Quiz, featuring Louisa Ghevaert (27 February 2018)

The award of damages to enable surrogacy – LexisNexis (20 December 2017) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

Claiming for the costs of a surrogacy arrangement: a new head of loss? – Family Law (21 November 2017) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

XX v Whittington Hospital NHS Trust [2017] EWHC 2318 (QB) – Jordan Publishing (1 November 2017) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

XX v Whittington – Knowing when to return? Provide Law (17 October 2017) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

The UK courts remain unmoved on commercial surrogacy – Bionews (2 October 2017) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

Surrogacy: The birth of a new head of loss – UK Healthcare Law Blog – (22 September 2017) (Louisa Ghevaert gave expert evidence in the case)

As demand for surrogacy soars, more countries are trying to ban it, featuring Louisa Ghevaert – The Economist (11 May 2017)

Couple’s delight as lesbian surrogates give them the children they longed for, featuring Louisa Ghevaert – The Telegraph (10 March 2017)

3-person IVF approved by HFEA – what does this mean? – Jordan Publishing and Family Law (31 January 2017)

Why must I be made to feel ashamed of my own baby? Mother of Britain’s 1,000th surrogate child reveals her struggle after infant was handed over to her in a hospital car park – The Daily Mail (7 November 2016)

Fertility treatment and consent to legal parenthood: no room for errors – Jordan Publishing (13 October 2016)

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour interview with Louisa Ghevaert on Indian Surrogacy Law Reform (20 September 2016)

5 Steps for Families Considering Same-Sex Surrogacy – Gay Times (March 2016)

Surrogacy in the UK: time for legal reform? – The Times (26 November 2015)

Call for surrogacy reform – New Law Journal (26 November 2015)

Dispelling myths about surrogacy in the UK and the need for reform: report of the Surrogacy UK Working Group on surrogacy law reform – Family Law (23 November 2015)

The kindness of strangers: should surrogates get paid? – The Guardian (21 November 2015)

Landmark report shines light on the practice of surrogacy in the UK and calls for legal reform – Family Law (20 November 2015)

Report calls for urgent legal reform for surrogacy – Family Law Week (20 November 2015)

Gay Times, Five Legal Hurdles of Surrogacy (June 2015)

UK citizens are the most likely in Europe to go abroad to find a surrogate mother, featuring Louisa Ghevaert – The Independent (15 March 2015)

BBC Radio London ‘Have Your Say’ interview with Vanessa Feltz following adoption ruling on a single father through surrogacy, featuring Louisa Ghevaert –  (9 March 2015)

We Are Family magazine article on international surrogacy (March 2015)

BBC World Service ‘Have Your Say’ interview on international commercial surrogacy, featuring Louisa Ghevaert – (20 February 2015)

New Law Journal, interview with Louisa Ghevaert – (2 September 2014)

UK surrogacy gone wrong – BioNews (17 March 2014)

DIY surrogacy leaves intended mother with no parental rights – BioNews (10 March 2014)

Leicester baby case leads to judge’s surrogacy advice – BBC News (6 March 2014)

DIY surrogate pregnancy deal ends in court battle – The Telegraph (6 March 2014)

‘Do it yourself’ surrogate pregnancy ends in legal chaos with three-year old boy effectively having two mothers – Daily Mail (5 March 2014)

Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy – Pink Parenting (September/October 2013)

Chely Wright: redefining Country – Pink Parenting (July/August 2013)

Sofia Vergara: The Modern Family at Forty – Fertility Road (June/July 2013)

Zachary Quinto: Seeking the final frontier – Pink Parenting (May/June 2013)

Charlize Theron: Africa, awards and adoption – Fertility Road (April/May 2013)

Blakeway Productions’ “What You Didn’t Know About The West: Healthcare” featuring Louisa Ghevaert (filmed September 2012 and broadcast Spring 2013)

Rosie O’Donnell: Actress, Activist, Adopter – Pink Parenting (Winter 2013)

Matt Bomer: fame, fatherhood and surrogacy – Pink Parenting (Winter 2013)

Cash for Victims of the IVF postcode lottery – Scottish Daily Mail (12 July 2013)

BBC Radio Berkshire – interview with Louisa Ghevaert and Professor Robert Winston regarding new IVF treatment guidelines for PCTs – (20 February 2013)

The Age-Old Question: the impact of age – BioNews (7 January 2013)

BBC Radio Berkshire – interview with Louisa Ghevaert concerning the IVF postcode lottery and legal challenge against Secretary of State for Health – (3 December 2014)

Hollywood Housewife – Fertility Road (October/November 2012)

National Geographic TV Documentary TABOO, series 9, Episode 905 “Strange Passions” on private sperm donation featuring Louisa Ghevaert (August 2012)

Surrogacy law interview featuring Louisa Ghevaert with Ukrainian TV channel (Inter TV, 15 July 2012)

The IVF postcode letter must stop – BioNews (2 July 2012)

Infertile woman, aged 24, accuses trust of age discrimination after being refused IVF – British Medical Journal (11 June 2012)

Too young to have IVF: 24-year old woman fights for her right to fertility treatment – The Independent (5 June 2012)

Too young for IVF: Wife, 24, told she must wait until she is 30 for treatment – The Daily Mail (4 June 2012)

Woman Cries Discrimination After She Was Denied Free IVF Due To Her Young Age – French Tribune (5 June 2012)

Woman Denied IVF Treatment – TopNews New Zealand (4 June 2012)

Surrogacy and the celebrity factor – Fertility Road April/May 2012

IVF Postcode Lottery programme – (BBC1, 8 March 2012)

The Modern Family (a Resolution guide) – featuring Louisa Ghevaert March 2012 (link not available)

The art of successful co-parenting – Pink Parenting (Winter 2011/2012)

International surrogacy: a legal minefield? – Fertility Road Winter 2011/2012

Couple win legal fight to receive IVF treatment – The Portsmouth News (21 December 2011)

Couple win IVF funding battle with NHS – The Telegraph (20 December 2011)

BBC South Today – Couple win IVF funding battle with PCT – BBC1 (20 December 2011)

International surrogacy: navigating the legal pitfalls – Pink Parenting September/October 2011

Legal lowdown, adoption, fostering and surrogacy – Pink Parenting July/August 2011

IVF, donor conception and surrogacy: Is progressive global regulation possible?– BioNews, 4 July 2011

International Surrogacy: Payments, Public Policy and Media Hype – Family Law, May 2011

Top judge allows illegal surrogate baby deals to prevent child being left ‘parentless’ – The Daily Mail (19 May 2011)

Surrogacy, parenthood and disputes: are there any lessons to be learned?– BioNews, February 2011

International Surrogacy: progress or media hype?– BioNews January 2011

BBC Radio 5 Live – surrogacy interview with Louisa Ghevaert and well known UK surrogate mother Jill Hawkins – BBC1 (23 January 2011)

BBC Breakfast TV- surrogacy interview with Louisa Ghevaert and well known UK surrogate mother Jill Hawkins, BBC 1, (23 January 2011)

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme–debate on whether surrogacy law should be changed with Louisa Ghevaert and Dr David King, Director of Human Genetics Alert , BBC Radio 4 (21 January 2011)

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour– surrogacy interview on the ethics of paying for surrogacy with Louisa Ghevaert, Barry Barlow-Drewitt and writer Julie Bindell, BBC Radio 4 (19 January 2011)

Surrogacy couple: paying American woman was our last chance for a child –  The Telegraph (11 December 2010)

Childless couples win the right to pay surrogate mothers – The Telegraph (9 December 2010)

Childless couples win right to pay a surrogate mother to bear their child – The Daily Mail (9 December 2010)

Reform our surrogacy laws– Louisa Ghevaert, Evening Standard letters (12 November 2010)

Stonewall Gay dad’s Guide (October 2010)

Sperm donor websites: the baby delivery service – The Telegraph (26 September 2010)

Bringing up baby (the options for gay men) – Out in the City Magazine (May 2010)

Why can’t I have a baby on my own?– Louisa Ghevaert, The Independent  (20 May 2010)

Birth certificates: a new era?- BioNews April 2010

What happens when surrogacy goes wrong? The recent Indiana case in its wider context– BioNews February 2010

International Surrogacy, Fertility Tourism and the American Bar Association–  The Review (January/February 2010)

Parenthood for same-sex couples – Stonewall guide (December 2009)

Moving surrogacy law forward? The Department of Health consultation on parental orders– BioNews November 2009

International Family Law – The chosen middle ground, England, surrogacy law and the international arena – International Family Law, November 2009

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008: Revolution or Evolution? – Family Law, August 2009

The changing face of parenthood – Family Law Journal (July/August 2009)

Re X and Y (foreign surrogacy) a trek through a thorn forest – Family Law, March 2009

Surrogacy law must be reviewed to stop more British couples ending up in a legal nightmare– BioNews, January 2009