Specialist Wills

If you are considering having a family, or already have children, you should put in place a specialist Will.  This is even more important if you have an alternative family structure or your family was built through assisted conception.

If you (and/or your partner) unexpectedly die without a specialist Will, it could create all manner of legal problems and issues for your child, surviving parent and family, including:

  • Your child not being able to inherit from you as you would want or at all
  • Issues over who should become a Trustee to manage your money for your child’s benefit
  • Problems about who should be appointed your child’s legal guardians
  • Your partner or wider family not being able to inherit from you as you would want or at all

Whatever your personal situation, whether you are single, divorced, married, co-habiting, in a same-sex relationship or civil partnership, I can help you protect your child and family and put in place a specialist Will, including:

  • Wills for intended parents undertaking surrogacy
  • Wills for surrogate parents
  • Wills for single women conceiving through donor conception
  • Wills for same-sex couples where only one partner is a legal parent
  • Wills for heterosexual parents (married and unmarried)
  • Wills for co-parents