Child arrangements order

A child arrangements order is a court order which specifies the time that a child spends with an individual and the care and/or the upbringing of  a child.  It can in certain circumstances confer parental responsibility upon the person in whose favour the order is made.

A child arrangements order can be varied to take into account changes of circumstances.  A child arrangements order can also be enforced through the court if the terms of the order are breached.

Entitlement to apply for a child arrangements order

Various categories of people are entitled to apply for a child arrangements order under s8 of the Children Act 1989 including a legal parent, guardian or special guardian.

Other categories of people, for example a grandparent or non biological co-parent, must first obtain the permission of the court to apply (with regard to their motives, connection with the child and wider circumstances)

The court will consider each application carefully and will often commission an in-depth report from a CAFCASS officer before making a best interests decision concerning the child.

How I can help

I can provide expert tailored legal assistance including:

  • Advice on how a child arrangements order would impact upon your family and/or legal status for a child (whatever your personal circumstances)
  • Advice and representation for you you in court in contested proceedings