Parenting and children law in the UK

Diverse family structures are a modern reality.  Many families are created through assisted conception using donor eggs and sperm, surrogacy, adoption or re-structured following relationship breakdown and have non traditional formations, including:

  • Solo mother families (conception with a known/sperm bank donor)
  • Same sex families (lesbian or gay)
  • Co-parenting families
  • Separated families (following divorce, civil partnership dissolution, relationship breakdown)
  • Families formed through adoption
  • Families formed through legal guardianship

Increasing numbers of families involve adults who are not legal parents in their children’s lives, including grandparents, new partners, known donors and co-parents.  They may play an important and active part in a child’s life and legal status can be conferred upon them in law in appropriate circumstances.

How I can help

I can provide help with:

  • Obtaining and protecting autonomous legal parenthood for a child (eg to protect the legal status of a solo mother or a lesbian couple conceiving with a known donor)
  • Acquisition of legal parenthood (eg for intended parents through surrogacy, non birth lesbian mothers, co-parents) including court proceedings for a parental order and adoption
  • Legal representation in a dispute about legal status or rights for a child (eg with a known donor or a former partner)
  • Other family law issues, including financial and relationship matters
  • Specialist Wills appointing legal guardians for a child