International surrogacy law: Bulgaria moves to legalize surrogacy

As the global surrogacy and fertility sector continues to expand, Bulgaria’s Parliament has approved a first reading of an amending and supplementary bill to the Family Code to legalize surrogacy according to a recent report by FOCUS News Agency.

Surrogacy is reported to have existed unlawfully in Bulgaria in the past according to Kalina Krumova, an MP from the Ataka party who moved the bill. Ms Krumova added that those Bulgarians who needed surrogacy would travel to other countries like the Ukraine where surrogacy is legal and that more than 270,000 Bulgarian families have reproductive problems.

Whilst Bulgaria looks to change its  law and policy surrounding surrogacy, many other countries continue to ban surrogacy or limit its practice.  This lack of legal harmonization raises complex issues and problems in law and practice for increasing numbers of people looking to build their family through surrogacy and particularly those that enter into international surrogacy arrangements.

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